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Contraseña: admin. D-Link 504G. List of default D-Link password, username, and IP address by D-Link router model number. Last updated March 2021. D-Link routers almost never require a default password and usually use the default IP address of, but there are exceptions.

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Page 2 of 4. Try to access the router. Open Internet Explorer and type .

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Si ha cambiado la contraseña de acceso, no hay forma de encontrarlo. Deberá reiniciarlo a la configuración inicial de fábrica y configurarlo como uno nuevo. poner cLave a Wifi D-link * Un computador. * Conexión por banda ancha.

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del Estado; C/ Josefa Valcarcel,  Step 2: You should be taken to a D-Link login page. By default, the username is admin and no password is required. Note: Administering a Router over Wi-Fi: Setting up a router for the first time is best done over a wired connection so that your connection isn't Note: This FAQ uses the DIR-655 as an example, however the process is the same for all D-Link routers. Step 1: Open your web browser and type in the IP address of the router ( by default). Step 2: Enter the username (admin) and password (blank by is the default gateway that is used by routers and modems such as D-Link as default IP address for logging the admin panel. can be used to configure the basic and advanced settings. Step 2: You should be taken to a D-Link login page.

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D-Link Blog Home. Helps you to solve D-Link network problems. The username is ‘admin‘ and by default the password is ‘admin‘ Click login. Step 2: Click on the Security tab>Authentication > Select Internal User Database. DLink: Establecer contraseña


Log in to the router Covr your Whole Home in High-Power Wi-Fi. Smart City Nuclias Nuclias Cloud Nuclias Connect D-Link DIR-655, DIR-300, and possibly similar models. Sanex SA 5100, and possibly similar models. Sitecom WL-351, WL-575, WL-312, and possibly similar models. COMTREND 536+ (Only Internet Login) US Robotics 9108 ADSL (internet login and admin login) D-Link DSL-2540U/BRU/D ADSL2+, DSL-2650U, DSL-520B D-Link DVA-G3170i/PT D-Link DSL-604T D-Link The default username is Admin and the password is blank (nothing). Click Login.

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Like the admin password, you're prompted to create a strong Wi-Fi password during the D-Link router setup process. D-Link Technical Support – Cannot access the routers web interface. Page 2 of 4. Try to access the router.